Sprinter Camper Van Conversion

With limited tools and experience, we converted our 2002 Sprinter van into a campervan. We learned a lot along the way, and we were very thankful for other people’s blog posts and for assistance from friends and family.  Our set up is very simple, but works great for us! Here is our conversion process:

In fall 2014, we drove up to Afton, WY and purchased this beauty off of Craigslist.
We started the conversion- shelled it out as much as possible, installed a floor, and constructed a simple bed.
We used it once- skiing in Utah- and quickly realized it was just not going to work for us.
So, we put the old van on Craigslist and bought a Sprinter! We found this shelled out cargo van (previously owned by a Colorado carpet company) at Denver Freight and we were sold!
We made our walls out of rolls of indoor/outdoor carpet, buckets of glue and ultra thin plywood.
Stapling the carpet to the back of the panel after the glue dried on.
Wheel well wall plank- right side
Completed left side


Starting bed assembly. We really wanted to do a hanging bed platform, but opted for this easier and more affordable version (we later finished the bed by carpeting the bed planks and staining  all the supports).


Installed a ceiling fan and a cedar plank ceiling
Laid a sheet of vinyl flooring and painted the wheel wells
We added a carpeted divider that separates the “garage” from the main section of the van.
Bed with clothes storage to the right (lovely quilt made by Michelle’s mom).
25_1 (3)q
View from under the bed.
Since we did the fan prior to the ceiling, we were able to run the wires behind the cedar planks. We waited on our lights, so the wires of visible. Our ceiling came with these large metal bars, so we painted them to blend with the ceiling.
The kitchen cabinet- thanks to my dad for his awesome construction! We have a Webasto heater installed under the van (thanks to our friend, Dave). The heat vents out of the cabinet.

25_2 (3) 1q

25_2 (3)q
We found this simple sink without the faucet holes at Ikea for $15! It is a nice big size, too! The heater thermostat is hanging out the wall above the sink.
25_2 (8)q
View from under the sink. The sink hose drains outside. The black coil houses the wires for our thermostat.
25_2 (10)q
Cabinet- right side. Our battery and all the electrical wires are on the lower shelf.
25_2 (12)q
Battery to the left and the electrical wires on the right in the lower shelf
USB Charger off of cabinet



Two swivel seats up front and window covers all around. I sewed the insulated window covers with black to the outside. The front covers are attached by velcro (industrial strength sticks to the van and sew-in velcro used on the fabric). I sewed in magnets on the side door cover, which easily hangs on the metal rim of the door.


27.5 (3)
View of our garage area from the back- without the bikes
27.5 (7)
Garage with the bikes
Garage with bikes and tires
27.5 (4)
Painted and carpeted back door with window cover

After using our van for a few months, we are very happy with our set up. There are a few additions we would love to make- a small shelf above the cabinet and some kind of ski rack come winter, but we were very surprised with how well everything works for us!



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