South America Bike Trip- Gear List


Evan Clothes

Evan Clothes List:

  • Bike shorts and bike over shorts
  • Rain jacket and rain pants
  • Casual pants and casual shorts
  • Long underwear
  • Fleece, softshell and down jacket
  • Gloves and waterproof over gloves
  • 2 casual shirts, 2 biking shirts (1 long sleeve, 1 short sleeve)
  • Buff, hat
  • 4 pairs underwear, 3 pairs of socks

Evan Clothes Thoughts: For a long trip I am generally happy with my packlist – however, I over packed on just about everything: socks (initially 4, cut down to 3 – but 2 would be enough) and underwear (could do 3 total).  I also have too much for off the bike – 2 shirts, and separate shorts and pants.  In the future, I will do a convertible zip off style pant, and only bring 1 casual shirt.  So far, I have not used my down jacket at all (aside from being a camp pillow), and my softshell is generally only used as a casual jacket.  My waterproof mittens are bulky and rarely used, and combined with extra liner gloves take up alot of room.  A waterproof cycling glove would be a better use of space.  A buff and hat was also not needed – one or the other would suffice, especially with hooded jackets.

Michelle Clothes

Michelle Clothes List:

  • Bike shorts and bike over shorts
  • Rain jacket and rain pants
  • Casual pants and casual shorts
  • Long underwear
  • Fleece, softshell and down jacket
  • Winter Mittens
  • 2 casual shirts, 1 long sleeve riding shirt
  • 2 Buffs
  • 5 pairs underwear, 3 pairs of socks, 2 sports bras and 1 casual bra

Michelle clothes thoughts: I definitely over packed on underwear.  I had only planned to bring 4 pairs; however, I forgot about the extra pair that I was wearing when we got dropped off at the airport. I keep saying I am going to drop a pair or two, but haven’t quite committed to it yet.  Since we wash them in the sink/shower/stream, less would be fine. However, it sure is nice to have a clean pair when we are drop laundry off to get done!  I also feel like I can cut out one Buff, one shirt, and one sports bra.  There have been times I was thankful for having burly mittens, but I could probably have survived without those too.  My most bulky item is also my favorite: Melanzana fleece hoodie, of course.  I could not live without it.


Our Gormet Kitchen
  • MSR Dragonfly stove with fuel bottle, wind screen, and lighter
  • Cutting board
  • 2 Sea to Summit collapsible bowls
  • 2 Sea to Summit sport utensils, 1 Guyot Designs cooking spatula, 1 pocket knife
  • MSR Flex Skillet with removable handle
  • Sea to Summit lid (from X-pot series)
  • Small washcloth

Cooking Gear Thoughts: We are really happy with our kitchen set up.  Although the Dragonfly international stove is a bit larger (and louder) than the Whisperlite international stove, we think it is well worth the extra bulk.  We end up cooking so much (hotel room porches, city parks, sidewalks, etc), we have gotten pretty good and cooking some gourmet meals with such a simple set up and definitely appreciate being able to simmer (unlike the Whisperlite). Also, our pot choice has been fantastic!  We use it to fry eggs, make soups, hearty pasta bowls, etc. It is incredibly non stick, lightweight, and has a sturdy removable handle. It has gotten scratched up a bit, but besides that we are very happy with it.  Although the X-Pot lid does not fit the MSR skillet perfectly, it has definitely been handy to assist with boiling and to be able to drain pasta.


Camping gear
  • Nemo Hornett 2 Tent
  • Ground tarp
  • 2 sleeping bags with 2 self inflating sleeping pads

Camping gear thoughts:  We have definitely appreciated the lightweight tent; however, we are a bit worried about long term durability.  We had a slight crack in one of the tent poles, but Nemo sent us a replacement pole segment.  Hopefully that was just a fluke and the tent will continue to serve us well.  We chose self inflating sleeping pads because they are quick and easy to blow up (and provide a little more cushion if they were to develop an undetectible small hole).


Evan and Michelle Toiletries
  • 2 toothbrushes, 2 razors
  • Toothpaste, floss,
  • Michelle contacts, contact solution, contact case, compact mirror
  • Michelle: hair ties, tweezers, tampons
  • 1 shared camp towel
  • Misc. shampoos from hotel room stays
  • All purpose camp soap used for bathing, clothes, and dishes
  • Vasoline


  • Michelle: Scarpa Cosmo and Teva sandles
  • Evan: 5.10 Guide Tennie and Teva sandles


Miscellaneous Gear
  • Michelle backpack (Evan’s got stolen)
  • 2 Visors, 2 sunglasses, 2 regular glasses
  • Water filter, 2 water bladders, 1 water bottle, 1 hydro flask thermos
  • 2 water bottles we use to store trail mix while riding
  • First aid kit and sunscreen
  • MSR Dragonfly repair kit (for stove)
  • 2 Cameras (one not shown), 2 phones, Spot, laptop, powerpack, and chargers
  • 2 Headlamps, 1 Luci Light (inflatable solar light)

Miscellaneous Gear Thoughts: We picked up two additional water bottles to store trail mix in our water bottle cages.  They are quick and easy to access during riding and it is fun coming up with new trail mix creations.  We love having a Luci Light- we end up using it so much more than our headlamps.  It quickly charges via solar panel, and is inflatable, lightweight, waterproof, and incredibly bright.  It conveniently hangs from the tent or can rest on the table. We highly recommend investing in a Luci Light (especially because they retail for only $20!).  We wish we brought a Steri Pen in addition to the water filter, especially for all the times we had to buy water while we were in towns/cities.  Better on the budget and the environment! Sometimes (although not usually) we filtered water from our hotel room faucet; however, we were worried about wearing out our filter without being able to find a replacement.


2 thoughts on “South America Bike Trip- Gear List

  1. Michelle and Evan, I so enjoyed reading your blog and sharing it with my students. You can’t imagine how you opened up the world of possibilities to them through all your studies, preparation, research, etc., and made them realize that what Ms. Los says, We are all masters of our own destiny,” is true!

    We’re all so incredibly proud of you both, and so thankful that you opened up your journey and adventures to all of us!

    Looking forward to more safe travels!

    Love you both,


  2. Hi Michelle and Evan! I just read your entire post. What an amazing adventure you guys were just on. I kept reading about Evan’s blisters but nothing prepared me for the picture – that poor guy!!!! I don’t know anyone but the two of you who would have pushed through that kind of pain. I am so impressed with everything you guys are doing. It is absolutely incredible. Stay safe on this next part of your journey but above all else, enjoy every minute of it!! Love you!!


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